Is My Video Talk In Decent Hands With Mel And Aime Gill?

Published: 01st February 2011
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Mel and Amie Gill The Founders Of My Video Talk

Mel and Amie Gill are the co founders of My Video Talk and broke into the Direct Selling Field in 1989, the time This unique business had Absolutely not gone to critical mass.

During that Precious time, |these people Were actually a very newly wed youthful husband and wife going to higher education and Making a decision his or her futures.

Mel's Members of the family ran a extremely prosperous Diner business inside All the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mel was dealing with One of many best and newest Locations.

At this point Amie was looking after their new born baby.

On a extremely important day in November 1989, These two people were getting guided to the Direct Marketing Business.

Little did each of them know that this introduction Might lead to the Creation of a corporation Referred to as My Video Talk.

These guys recognised the vision involving Just what exactly this kind of business could quite possibly provide in terms associated with time freedom and financial freedom. At this point they both went in all guns blazing and at a very early age Discovered the full force of the industry Acceptance.

Their business was local at first but soon took them all over the world, experiencing massive success with the business growing in Thailand, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

With a very lucrative business platform that was already global, and only in their twenties was a springboard for future global domination in Asia and Europe.

This was the catalist that became the solid foundation for the future, it was in October 2002 when they became joint owners of a national and international Direct marketing business.

20 years of success in the Industry, and Amie and Mel are still extreamly passionate about the direct selling business.Their achievements have created massive success for others not just for themselves. Somany people are succeeding across the world because of them.

They are living in their hometown which is situated in San Francisco Bay Area together with 3 lovely kids. They travel back and forth globally to oversee all operations within the my video talk business, due to this being a passion they love.

Their belife and passion is a direct driving force behind the company and the future direction and growth of my video talk. The company, My Video Talk is perfectly situated in the Direct Selling market place; with the expertise of the ownership along with their impeccable record of the company, it is most definitly poised for incredible explosive vertical growth.

Mel and Aime Gill are the entrepreneurs of My Video Talk. and they mastered the Multi level markeing talent at an early age. Exactly what are you undertaking at this time that will assist you develope the appropriate skill level to achieve your network marketing business. Go through the website link that follows to see a relevant video which will tell you how you can put together a formidable business enterprise with online video. Click here now .

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